Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Discount Shoes

Discounted Boots - Discount Shoes - Bargain Heels Oh my!
Whether you are looking for size 8 shoes or size 12 shoes, you don’t want to overpay – stylish discounted shoes are a fantastic option.

It’s not as difficult to find discounted shoes at the end of the season when you no longer need them but the trick is finding size 12 shoes that are in season and work with the current trends. Here are a few ideas to help you find discounted shoes and boots that are on-trend and work with your budget and your lifestyle.
First, do take advantage of end-of-season sales on boots and shoes. Buy your classic boots and shoes at the end of the season discounted prices. Certain looks are always in fashion. A classic riding boot, basic pumps, comfortable sandals in neutral colors – these shoes will be in style for years to come so invest in them but at deeply discounted prices and spend your money on the shoes of the moment that you absolutely can’t live without. 

Particularly when you wear size 12 shoes, which we know are harder to fit and find – follow this rule. When you find things you love that fit well, buy them. Don’t buy shoes you can’t afford but if you find something that you can afford, it’s beautiful, well-made and it fits your size 12 feet, don’t feel guilty about buying it even if it is off-season.

Go to close-out sales and end-of-season sales at stores like Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Macys, outlet stores, and boutiques. These stores have to get rid of their winter merchandise as spring comes in. They have to cut the prices of their summer shoes to get ready for the autumn merchandise that comes in. You can even find shoes, sandals and boots that are in season if you watch sales closely.

Second, check out discounted shoes and discounted clothing chains like T.J. Maxx, Ross, Marshall’s and Loehmann’s to get last season’s shoes for a song. Sometimes you can even find current season designer shoes that were labeled “irregular” or that are officially considered defective but have flaws that you can’t see. You can find incredible deals on boots and shoes that don’t look outdated. Don’t choose the shoes that everyone recognizes as the “it shoe” of last season.

Find shoes that you love, that work for the upcoming season and that will work with your wardrobe. Don’t make the mistake of getting caught up at these stores with designer labels at discounted prices. Don’t buy shoes that you normally wouldn’t buy or won’t wear just because they are discounted heavily. Be smart – go to these bargain stores with focus and a goal in mind. The selection is limited for size 12 shoes so you will have to shop early and often to get what you want. You will have much better luck in smaller sizes at these designer discount shops.

Check auction sites like ebay for discounted shoes. You can find beautiful designer shoes and tough Frye boots that look like new and are gently worn on both Ebay and locally on Craigslist. These shoes and boots can be yours for half the price you would pay new at a store. If you are lucky and find your size and the style you want, this can be the best deal in town for discounted shoes or bargain boots.

Try discounted shoe stores like DSW, Shoe Pavillion, Off-Broadway Shoes and Famous Footwear for fun shoes that are trendy and affordable. You may not find your perfect pair of boots to last a lifetime at these stores but you might find some excellent discount shoes in fun colors, prints, and looks. These stores offer a excellent opportunity to try out trends on a budget and decide which shoes you want to invest in.

Watch for promo codes for shoes, coupons for deals and discounted codes for your favorite shoe websites. If you love Zappos and Piperlime, sign up for their email list so you get offers sent via email. Whenever they have a sale or offer 20% on shoes, you will get the offer right to your inbox. You can also search coupon code sites like Retail Me Not and Coupon Cabin for promo codes to get bargains on the pair of heels you are dying for.

Analyze your shoe budget. If you know you have “x” amount of money to spend on shoes for fall, be strategic. Make a list of what shoes you actually need, and note some things you’d like to have. If you keep an inspiration file or lookbook of magazine clips that have heels, boots or shoes you love or find inspiring – that will help you to decide where you want to spend your money. Buy classics at end-of-season sales so you get the shoes you really want at discounted prices. This leaves you more money to play with for the fun shoes that you have to have.

Remember also that it’s a good idea to invest in shoes that you absolutely love and find comfortable regardless of what is in style. You can play with trends using cheaper accessories like scarves, jewelry and with clothing. A solid pair of classic boots paired with the right items will always look chic and fashionable. Don’t be a slave to extreme trends if they don’t work with your lifestyle.

There are excellent sites on the Internet like YOOX and the OutNet that offer discounted designer shoes.
Don’t overlook private sale sites like Gilt Group, HauteLook and Billion Dollar Babes for fantastic deals on high end shoes. We’ve seen amazing sales on shoes by Pour La Victoire, Alexander Wang, Stuart Weitzman heels, DKNY, Miss Sixty Boots, Coach boots and shoes and so many more. If you sign up for one or all of these private sale websites, you will get emails informing you of upcoming sales. The selection of designers is exciting with everything from Jimmy Choo to eclectic Chie Mahara, Betsey Johnson to Calvin Klein shoes all at bargain prices. You will find many of these discounted shoes sales going for shoes, sandals, boots or heels that are still in season. You can expect to save 40, 50, 60% off or more!

Most importantly, budget and plan your shoe shopping. Note which shoes you really need to get you through the season depending on your job and lifestyle. Buy shoes that you adore, shoes that fit well and that will work for your lifestyle. Take into account any formal wear shoes you may need for weddings or special events that you are attending and look for those long before you need them. Size 12 dress shoes are harder to find and you don’t want to stress yourself out over dressy size 12 shoes. Don’t overpay for designer shoes – get discounted shoes online and in stores so you can save or spend your money elsewhere.

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