Thursday, February 24, 2011

Shoes We Love: Ivanka Trump Asteria Heels

Ivanka Trump Asteria Heels Size 12

Ivanka Trump Glam Strappy Heels
Beautiful dress shoes aren't the easiest thing to find if you don't fit into the standard US size scale size 6 to size 10. A gorgeous line by Ivanka Trump is here to save the day. Ivanka is known for her glamorous style and her line of shoes (and now handbags) reflects her personal glamour. The shoes are affordable, stylish and on trend without being too trendy and risking looking like a fashion victim. The dressy shoes and flats will last for seasons to come.

One of our favorite pairs from the collection is this pair of strappy heels, the Asteria 2 dress sandals. They Asteria comes in a wide range of sizes up to size 11 and size 12. The Asteria shoes come in Ivory Satin, Black Satin and Silver leather like the pair shown above.

The shoes are accented with jewel round discs giving a classic graphic feel to the strappy dress sandals.

See which of the Asteria dress shoes you like best - ivory satin, black satin or silver leather here.

We hope you like the Ivanka Trump Asteria Shoes as much as we do and if you are size 12, get them quick while you can.

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