Monday, July 26, 2010

Ladies Shoes Size 11 Fall Trends

Hot Fall Trends for Ladies Shoes Size 12
Which ladies shoes size 12 will you be buying for fall? There are tons of fun shoe and boot trends to play with for fall – which ones will you be wearing?

In the past, if you wore a size 12 in women’s shoes, you were likely unable to find too many options for hip, stylish and beautiful feminine shoes. Most local stores, even large department stores don’t keep too many larger sizes in stock. Even if you did find a pair of size 12 heels or shoes, they’d probably be better suited to a dowdy old-fashioned matron or school marm than a stylish “with-it” lady.  And dress shoes size 12? Forget it. You were lucky if you could find something basic with a heel.
However, online shoe retailers have changed everything. Now, the size 12 shoes market can be met and loads of gorgeous and fashionable ladies shoes size 12 can be yours with a few minutes and a high speed connection. Start shopping early for fall so you get the best of the best of the size 12 boots and shoes available. Even though many online shoe stores carry your size, they may not have tons of each style in stock so you will want to order early to avoid disappointment.
Now, let’s discuss some Ladies Trends for Fall footwear.
Boots are always in style for fall. The styles of boots change season to season but you can usually find some more classic boots if you don’t want to buy new boots each year. This season, try one of these fun styles for your autumn wardrobe.
Motorcycle Boots – Biker boots or motorcycle boots are a fun tough way to add a little bit of edge to your otherwise feminine look. You may choose to go all tough girl and wear leggings, a motorcycle jacket, a rock tee and a pair of beat up motorcycle boots or you might choose to balance a more feminine flowy dress with your biker boots and a fresh pea coat or fur chubby. How you wear them is up to you but size 12 motorcycle boots will not be a hard trend to find for this fall.
Granny Boots – Victorian lace-up boots or granny boots are another fun way to add some character to your look. If you can manage, try to get your hands on a pair of size 12 vintage boots to really keep the look authentic. Though vintage will be harder to find, the payoff could be great. You can also find some vintage inspired size 12 boots on sites like Zappos and Barefoot Tess. Pair them with shorts and tights, a dress or jeans as these boots work well with many things. To keep the granny boots from looking too costume-y avoid a full head to toe Victoriana look.

Cowboy or Cowgirl Booties – Short ankle bootie versions of your classic cowboy boot work from summer into fall. These are a fun transitional pair of shoes. These are great for size 12 feet because they are usually cut with more room so you'll find cowboy booties that fit the ankles and that fit your foot size. You can find all different colors - purple, red, yellow, brown, white or black and go as simple or ornamental as you want.

Gorgeous 50s and 60s Femme Fatales are also rocking this fall. Try beautiful classic pumps with tights for a ladylike and fashionable ensemble.
T-strap and spectator Heels – Try some glamorous t-strap pumps or a great pair of spectator heels with anything. Slacks, full skirts, dresses and shorts look fantastic with these ladylike shoes and will make everything more pretty. Invest in some ultra comfortable stilettos that work well with your whole wardrobe. It’s hard to find a really comfortable pair of ladies shoes size 12 so when you find them, buy them. If you can afford it, splurge for a really classic well-made pump that will last forever.
Size 12 Loafers or Spectator Flats – Channel Katherine Hepburn this fall with some hip and comfortable flat shoes. Black and white spectator shoes, oxfords or loafers are a fun way to add a masculine element to your look. Previously of course you would have had to buy men’s shoes to get size 12 oxfords or spectators. Now, you can find cool, womens 12 spectators that masculine but definitely made for women. Try them with high waist wide leg trousers and a feminine blouse. You can also pair them with shorts, jeans and more. If you don't love flats, spectator heels would also look great with a pencil skirt. Try the brand Fitzwell for feminine and on-trend styles made for larger sizes 11, 12, 13 with comfort in mind.

These are just a few of the trends we’re anticipating for fall. Which fall trends are you going to incorporate into your look this autumn? Check out some great resources for women size 12 shoes and boots by clicking on the different page links on the right. Now, what are your favorite sources for ladies shoes size 12 and which shoe trends will you be wearing this fall?

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