Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Size 12 Shoe

Transitional Shoes: Size 12 Shoe from Summer to Autumn
If you are looking for an incredible size 12 shoe resource, check out some of the great options below.
Size 12 shoe stores are not as easy to find as the more average shoe sizes. However, recently more and more websites are expanding their offerings and including size 11, size 12 and higher sizes for those of us who need a size 12 shoe.

Just a few of our favorite shoes for summer – and yes, you can find them in a size 12 if you look in the right places. All of these manage to transition into fall if you style them right.
Ballet Flats 
Ballet flats are a great option for comfort that still manage to exude style. Think of Audrey Hepburn, the best known ambassador of the classic black ballet flat. You can pair ballet flats with absolutely everything. Picture Audrey wearing them with a tunic and black leggings and looking utterly chic. You can also pair flats with skirts, dresses, shorts, jeans, jumpers, and trousers. You will have no trouble finding a size 12 ballet flat online. When you are selecting your shoes, make sure the width works for you. If you have a narrow foot, make sure you get a narrow width flat. If you have a wider foot, make sure to get ballet flats that are size 12 wide so that they accommodate your foot and remain comfortable for walking. Walk around in your house on carpet wearing the shoes before going outside so you know they don’t rub or cut in anywhere on your foot. If you feel that they aren’t comfortable, return them.

Ballet flats can be found in such a wide variety of styles and colors. Consider some of these fun ballet flat shoe styles: round toe, pointy toe, cheap, expensive, bejeweled, colorful, black, bedazzled, leopard print, and with bows. It doesn’t hurt to have several pairs of these fun and easy shoes in your closet. Flat shoes can be your best friends for a day of shopping, errands, classes or with the kids.
Ballet flat shoes work for fall of course. Simple pair them with jeans, slacks or thick cozy tights to make a summer look autumn ready.

Another summer to fall favorite is the wedge. Wedge shoes are terrific because they give you height without foregoing the comfort and support of flatter shoes. Wedges come in many different heights and in a range of styles from incredibly casual to quite dressy. A size 12 shoe lover need not be disappointed when opting for a wedge. There are plenty of pretty options. Try excellent online shoe store Barefoot Tess for some on-trend wedges in women’s size 12.

Wedges can definitely transition into autumn weather. Opt for richer colored wedges or those in neutrals like brown that you can pair with your fall wardrobe. Add nubby tights with wool shorts or a full skirt to make your favorite wedge shoes transition into fall.

Platform Sandals
Consider indulging your size 12 shoe desires in a pair of wooden platform sandals. Platform sandals also add height – sometimes a lot of height without the discomfort of a major teetering stiletto. The ball of your foot is raised up so the arch isn’t so severe yet they still rival a stiletto for wow factor. Choose a solid luxe looking pair with good hardware. Try a rich shade of brown with gold buckles or hardware for an easy transition into fall. With a pair of ankle socks or textured tights, these shoes are perfect for autumn. Platform sandals go well with wide leg pants, skinny jeans, skirts, dress, and shorts. Chie Mahara makes a gorgeous and classic platform sandal size 12 but you can find many different versions from strappy white and colorful shoes to more comfort driven less arched platforms. Stuart Weitzman also created a stunning leopard print platform sandal available in size 12. For super sexy platforms with stiletto heels in size 12, check out the brand Pleaser.
You can make platform sandals versatile by wearing them with bare legs and shorts or dresses during the hotter summer months. Then, as fall comes around, add tights and warmer clothes to create your own stylish look.
What are some of your favorite transitional pieces for fall? Do you have favorite shoes that work for every season? If you find a perfect size 12 shoe, you want to make it work with as many outfits as possible!

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